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Acceptance of Terms

The use of this website (Cyprusailing.com) is subject to the terms and conditions set out below . The use of this website presumes that the visitor / user has studied , understood and accepted all of our terms of use. Should the visitor / user not agree to the terms of use of Cyprusailing.com, they should not make use of the services or content of this website .

Terms of use

Information and content

All of the information provided in this site regarding navigational issues, anchoring and general boat handling for seafarers are simple tips and suggestions under known conditions. Although correct at the time of writing, we strongly advise that the Master/Skipper of the vessel is ultimately responsible for their vessels safety and they should confirm the accuracy of our web sites content and determine the necessary actions required in each case. Their actions should be based on their own estimates and data and not exclusively on information contained in Cyprusailing.com

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