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Cyprusailing.com is a website providing a vast amount of information on sailing in the waters around Cyprus. The information on the website is provided in good faith and in no way reflects the opinions or personal choices of our website administrators. The information has either been derived from various sources (blogs, other websites, forums, Facebook), or is extracted from official information or materials (printed or electronic), from published matter and from personal research by our managers.

Moorings and Anchorages

Our Sources:

- The free Rick Munden guide located in http://cruisingtips.net
- http://www.kyreniaship.org/ website(nb: Insufficient information is updated to make this a reliable source)
- Turkish Waters Pilot (updated in 2009) written by Rod and Lucinda Heikell. This includes detailed information on Cyprus too
- Imray Charts of the Eastern Mediterranean available from here: https://www.imray.com/Charts/Imray+Charts/Mediterranean/Eastern+Mediterranean/

Highlights - changes

If there is a mooring which in your opinion should be included in the cyprusailing.com index or some other information which you believe needs to be modified or amended in some way, please do contact us and let us know.

Companies – Activities

The selection of companies / activities associated with sailing in cyprusailing.com is mainly based on their online presence. We firmly believe that every 21st century enterprise or business wishing to grow its customer base and offer them the full spectrum of their services should include having at least a basic web presence even if only in social media networking.

Company /Activity identified in the cyprusailing.com index.

If the company / Activity is already included in the index cyprusailing.com if you press the "business button claim" or "claim business" this will provide a simple process to provide you with full control of this entry. You will be able to modify any information, add new data and if you wish, upgrade your current package from Basic to Premium.

Should you wish to Add a Company / Activity to Cyprusailng.com

If you have a business or activity in Cyprus which is related to sailing, but it is not yet included in the Cyprusailing.com index, you can create a free account on our website. Choose the free (basic) package and immediately make your entry with all of the relevant information. For this service there is NO CHARGE. Once approved by Cyprusailing.com your entries will be published on our website. You can have full control of your registration and update your actual site content whenever you wish. If you choose the upgraded package (Premium package costs 7 Euro / month) you can take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the index of cyprusailing.com These include:

1. Run a banner ad on the home page.
2. Promote your business above all others.
3. Possibility to add videos to your entries.
4. Communicate with stakeholders via an online contact form.
5. Visitors to the site can view all of the special offers that your company are promoting.
6. Give details of your company's events with a banner ad on the home page.
7. And much much more. For any questions please contact us.

Crew Boat Finder

In the Crew/Boat finder section we are attempting to establish for the first time in Cyprus, a database of boat skippers who seek crew and crew who seek the opportunity to sail. The publication of the advertisement is free and only requires registration in a cyprusailing.com.
Note. Our sincere gratitude and Thanks to G. Kariolou for the idea of including the above category in Cyprusailing.com

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