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Larnaca Port

Larnaca Port

Γεωρ. Βιζυηνού , Larnaca , Larnaca, Cyprus

General info

Larnaca, a large town, is situated on the W side of Larnaca Bay, 6.5 miles N of Cape Kiti. The port fronts the town and consists of a main harbor, a yacht harbor, and an offshore oil and gas terminal.

Depths & Limitations: An extensive yacht harbor, with depths of 1.8 to 4.9m, fronts the town and is protected by breakwaters. The main harbor fronts the N part of the town and is protected by breakwaters. The entrance fairway has a dredged depth of 13m over a width of 107m. The main commercial quays include North Quay, 326m long, and South Quay, 340m long, which have a depth of 12m alongside. In addition, a pontoon quay provides 200m of berthing space, with an alongside depth of 6.5m. There are facilities for general cargo, passenger, ro-ro, container, and bulk vessels. Vessels up to 200m in length and 11.4m draft can be accommodated alongside. The oil and gas terminal consists of five offshore berths which front the coast to the NE of the main harbor and lie in depths up to 13.7m. Gas carriers up to 110m in length and 11m draft can be handled. Tankers up to 220m in length and 11.6m draft can be handled.

Aspect: Mount Stavrovouni, surmounted by a monastery, stands 10 miles W of Larnaca. This isolated peak is very conspicuous from any part of the bay. A conspicuous minaret, 30m high, stands 1.1 miles SSW of the head of the S breakwater at the main harbor; a fort building is situated close E of it. A prominent radio mast stands 0.5 mile N of the minaret. A conspicuous flare, occasionally burning, and several storage tanks are situated at an oil refinery 1 mile N of the main harbor. An outer lighted buoy is moored about 0.3 mile NE of the head of the S breakwater and marks the main entrance channel.

Caution: An anchorage prohibited area, which may best be seen on the chart, lies in the vicinity of the main harbor entrance and extends up to 1.6 miles offshore. Numerous small craft, which are reported to frequently show no lights, may be encountered along the shore to the S of the port and vessels are advised to keep at least 1.5 miles from the coast. Due to outfall pipelines and submarine cables, anchoring and fishing prohibited areas, which may best be seen on the chart, lie S of the port and extend up to 2.3 miles offshore.


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