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Limassol Old Port

Limassol Old Port

Limassol , Limassol, Cyprus

General info

The old port of Lemesos was constructed in the 1950’s decade during the British Administration. Until the construction of the new port it was used both as a commercial and a passenger’s port and comprised a central live hub for Lemesos town center.

With the construction of the new Lemesos Port in 1973 but also due to the development of shipping industry, its use began to wane and as from 1979 it ceased altogether to play any significant role in the nautical activities. Thenceforth and until new alternative uses could be found and in order to enable it to fulfil its purpose, the Old Lemesos Port was confined to serving fishing boats, pleasure boats and boats of the port police force and of the navy.

The area of the Old Lemesos Port constitutes part of a wider sector of Lemesos which includes the cultural and historical center of the castle, the reclaimed land and the commercial center of the old town.

As regards sea area of the port, the basin has quays of 450m length and 2.50 – 4.50m depth.


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