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Paphos Harbour

Paphos Harbour

Kato Paphos , Paphos 8042, Paphos, Cyprus

+357 26 946 840
General info

A small harbor, lies on the S side of Paphos Point and is formed by two moles. It is used by small craft up to 18m in length and 2m draft, and is no longer used for commercial purposes. 

From seaward, several tall chimneys; a water tower; and a church, with a prominent dome, stand in the town and are all conspicuous. The entrance channel is indicated by a lighted range which may best be seen on the chart. Anchorage can be taken, in a depth 26m, sand and shell, about 0.6 mile SSW of the harbor, but this berth is exposed to W and S winds and has poor holding ground. 

This is not a marina and has only basic facilities such as toilets, water and electricity. There are no showers and no chandlers.

Moulia Rocks, consisting of two rocky shoals, have depths of less than 5m. They lie 2 miles SE of Paphos and extend up to 1.2 miles offshore. Several above-water rocks lie on the E shoal. During summer, anchorage can be taken, in a depth of 12m, sand and mud, good holding ground, about 0.3 mile E of these rocks. This roadstead is reported to be the best anchorage along this section of the coast. The rocks are marked by a light.


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